About Us

What is Rejoice?

Rejoice Wellness is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Board-approved TCM clinic established in 2011.

Our physicians are qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB) physicians.

Our concept is that "family harmony is dependent on every individual's good health", and we are actively creating Singapore's first TCM clinic based on TCM's "illness prevention", promoting TCM's culture of "cultivating","beautifying" and "nourishing".

Our Philosophy

In order to take extra care of the health of you and your family, we are dedicated to providing professional treatment with excellent service in a comfortable environment.

Our Mission

Inheriting the essence of five thousand years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of adjusting the balance of Yin-Yang, energy (Qi) and blood, we promote "illness prevention",  and promote the TCM culture of "cultivating", "beautifying" and "nourishing".

Our Vision

Being joyous is like having good medicine, we hope that every employee and customer will be joyful, have healthy bodies and blissful families.

34 Upper Cross Street, #02-166, Singapore 050034
(+65) 6458 8198