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Customer: Ms Lee

Date: 19/03/2019


I'm married, for 2 years without success in having a baby despite medical tests showing everything is normal for both me and my husband. I decided to give TCM a try instead of undergoing IUI or IVF which is invasive. 
I went to Rejoice Wellness, follow the Physician's advice to take her prescribed medication and signed up treatment package to adjust our body condition. The physician and team are very patient, sincere and caring throughout the treatment. 
3 months later, we are overjoy to find out that baby is on the way! We are still continuing to follow through Physician's advice to adjust our body to maintain good health condition. As a saying goes, good wealth is good health. I am very grateful and thank Rejoice Wellness TCM Physician and her team from the bottom of my heart. 

Customer: Mr Tan

Date: 20/02/2019


My left lower limb had pain for more than 10 years, I have been treated at Rejoice Wellness Clinic for more than 1 years.  
Each time treatment will include acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine.
Each time after done the cupping treatment there are few drops of water come out from my lower limb, It doesn't affect my walking and painless. 
After a number of treatments, now the lower limbs have no pain.
Now every month I’m still on time to take medication and continue to do consolidation treatment.

Thank you Rejoice Physician ! 



Customer: Ms Dena

Date: 18/09/2018


Rejoice Wellness TCM Physician has been a terrific Physician to me. I consult once a week, she by far out weighted her support, knowledge and full dedication to my fertility and accomplishing the goal of having a baby. I am very grateful and sincerely thank Rejoice TCM clinic and physician.


Customer: Ms Chan

Date: 16/09/2018


I was diagnosed with a 3cm cyst which was suspected to be haemorrhagic or endometriotic in March 2018 which worried me very much. Rejoice TCM Physician was very caring towards my condition and sincere in wanting to treat me. Physician advised me that I should take Chinese herbal medication on a regular basis and undergo Moxibustion and Meridian Royal Shu wellness treatment at the same time. I completed the treatment (20 sessions) within 6 months.

My 3cm cyst was gone completely when I went for my follow up check-up in September 2018. If l had not listened to the Physician advice, my cyst may have grown bigger and probably I had to undergo surgery instead. I am very grateful and sincerely thank Rejoice physician and therapists for encouraging me throughout for the 6 months. 


Customer: Mdm Leow

Date: 08/09/2018


My skin dry and itchy, blisters, low back pain and other symptoms have been 20 years. 

Has been treated in other TCM and western medicine clinics before, 
also treated regularly in the hospital for 10 years, but when taking antibiotics western medicine, I feel my muscles tense up and can't concentrate.

After 3 months treated at Rejoice Wellness Clinic, my condition slowly improved after taking their prescribed medicine, acupuncture, cupping and scraping treatments. 

Thank Rejoice Wellness Clinic and the TCM Physician helped me improving overall holistic health.


Customer: Qian Hai Jun

Date: 01/10/2017


In September 2017, a sudden major illness put me into a state of panic. Nausea, vomiting, immobility, anxiety and fear all came together, and I was at a loss of what to do. After six difficult days at the hospital, I was pushed out on a wheelchair by my colleague. My condition didn’t seem to improve even after resting at home for several days. It was then that one of my friends recommended, ‘Why don’t you see a Chinese physician? I know a pretty good TCM clinic.’ I took their advice and half-believingly asked him to help me book an appointment.

That day, my friend drove me to Rejoice Wellness Clinic as planned. As I walked to the receptionist, a banner said ‘a rejoicing heart is the best medicine’. The kind receptionist asked us to sit down, and brought us tea. I felt an extra warmth and kindness. After Physician meticulous consultation – this included looking, smelling, listening –, she prescribed a medical package tailored to my illness and my personal body condition. I lay relaxed on the clean, comfortable treatment bed and listened to soft music while the physician performed acupuncture and cupping. She continued to encourage me and provided me with emotional support, helping to relieve the anxiety and worries in my heart. I even felt more hopeful about my illness. 

A few treatment sessions later, my illness improved by leaps and bounds! Now, I can exercise and walk freely and actively in the outdoors. I will even be able to return to work in a couple of days! I want to thank Rejoice Physician and her medical team from the bottom of my heart. May kind-hearted souls have a lifetime of peace!


Customer: Ms Cherie Lee

Date: 28/05/2017


Nothing is more devastating than not being able to have your children after 10 years of trying naturally, failed IUI, laparoscopy plus a failed IVF. That's where I decided that relying on western medicine while it's important, it's also important that your body is ready to accept the embryo. I naturally have a cold constitution, which a TCM Physician talk me " it's like it's snowing, which baby would like to live in a cold environment?" That's when it was an awakening call for me that it's not sufficient to just focus on producing a good embryo (trust me I did a lot) but a good "house" for these little embbies want to "stay" within the house. So I decided to work on my body by visiting a TCM. If you asked me what exactly did TCM, honestly no clue at all. What I understand is that it's focus on regulating your entire body constitution through the balance of yin and Yang, unlocking the potential of your body ability to heal itself rather than focusing on western medicine which acts more like a suppression than resolving the root cause. It's like a water tap, u may have temporarily stop the leakages but you never know where is the cause of the leak and it may snowball into something more serious in the future. So I decided to take a break from IVF and focused on TCM. Through taking oral medication and acupuncture, yes I finally have a beautiful baby gal that has been nothing but a joy! Soon it was time to embark on the 2nd baby (again via IVF), after my first positive experiment with TCM, I went to Rejoice Wellness and sign up for their womb and kidney restoration package. Apparently these 2 treatments will help to ensure the womb is more conducive for the embryo to survive. I religiously continued 8 days straight before they put the embryo in and yes I got big fat positive on my test and went on to have a second healthy and beautiful baby gal! Mind you, even the health constitution is much better. My 2nd child seldom falls sick and has a great appetite and it's much bigger and taller than the average kids her age.  So when I am done with my 2nd child and so ready to close the chapter, I went back to Rejoice Wellness and sign up for a complete overhaul to "Tiao Li调理" the body especially after giving birth to 2 kids, we lost a lot of nutrients.  We as a women, we need to take care of ourselves before we hit 40 years old. That's also because I didn't want to be a liability to my kids and Husband when I grow old. With that mindset, I visited Rejoice Wellness weekly and sometimes twice a week and do whatever Physician prescribed. Whether it's oral medication, cupping (I love cupping), acupuncture, detox or massage, I just obediently followed. And 2 months later, I was shocked to find out that I was pregnant again and this time round, it was a natural conception! We never knew we could do it naturally so imagine the joy on our face! And this time round it's a boy! My in laws are so happy as this is also the 1st grandson in the family. For this time round, TCM Physician will takes good care of me and my baby throughout the full 9 months to ensure smooth delivery a healthy baby! 

My advise is, don't give up and miracle does happen! 2nd, focus on a well-rounded support, Western and TCM cos they are complementary to each other even though I am a fan of the latter cos it's less invasive and all natural. Last but not least, if you embark on TCM, religiously follow it through and listen to your Physician cos end of the day, it's our own body so value it and don't stop after giving birth, it's important to be kind to yourself as well as mothers, we have a long way to go.


Customer: Ms Jade Sin

Date: 03/03/2017


Since I stated Guasa treatment, I waved goodbye to Panadol.
I used to suffer from frequent headaches and migraines.
I always relied on Panadol for relief so that I could continue to work.
Thank God I get to know Rejoice Clinic and the TCM Physician helped me with her TCM treatment.
I no longer have headaches and migraines. Life is better with better health.


Customer: Ms Estella

Date: 17/02/2017


My mum had been receiving post-stroke treatment at Changi General Hospital since 6 years ago.  The rehab doctor recommended using Botox jab to relieve the symptoms of her leg stiffness and spasticity.  She had been receiving the Botox treatment regularly (at an interval of every 6 months) for about 4 years after stroke.  About 1.5 years ago, Physician Yan recommended that my mum try applying the Yi  Sheng pain relieving plaster as a supplemental treatment for her leg, as the Yi  Sheng pain relieving  plaster aids blood circulation and has various other benefits.  We didn't think much of the beneficial effect of the Yi Sheng pain relieving plaster when my mum started using it.  However, to our pleasant surprise, it seems to work well for my mum's leg stiffness and spasticity symptoms.  After applying the Yi Sheng pain relieving plaster for about 2 to 3 months, when my mum went for her regular rehab check-up, the doctor said that her leg condition had improved much and there was no need to administer the Botox jab.  For the subsequent 2 check-ups, the latest being 16 February 2017, her leg condition maintains and no Botox jab needed as well.  That is a total of 16 months without the Botox jab, as compared to the regular interval of every 6 months for one Botox jab treatment.  My mum does not receive any other treatments except for applying the Yi  Sheng pain relieving plaster regularly (almost daily), hence, I would think that the credit goes to the Yi  Sheng pain relieving plaster which my mum acknowledged that she feels the difference ever since she started applying it. Seeing how it makes a difference to my mum's rather serious post-stroke symptoms, I recommended the Yi  Sheng pain relieving  plaster to a few family members, from whom I also received favorable feedback. I want to thank Physician Yan for recommending the Yi  Sheng pain relieving plaster to my mum, a "treatment" that is much more economical (as compared to the costly Botox jab of about S$1k per treatment) that can be applied anytime/regularly without any side effects.

Customer: Alan Chua

Date: 19/05/2016


I am surprised that after some sessions of TCM massage and acupuncture, I see more black hair at the back of my head. My wife and I are looking forward to more black hair on the sides of my head.

Customer: Ms Chee Choon Lian

Date: 2015


In order to control your weight, I think the best way is to know what BMI you want to achieve.
I started off with BMI 24.5 and now my BMI 21.5, after done 25 sessions slimming treatments within 4 months.  Each slimming session consists of the following treatments, acupuncture, guasha, cupping, wrapping and steaming.

Ultimately, my target BMI is 20.5. There is no diet control, no medication, just avoid eating after 7pm. Suggest you give it a try if other weight management don’t work for you.
Rejoice Wellness also offer other services like oil massage and TCM facial treatment with herbal mask. If you are not feeling well, the in-house TCM physician can attend to your needs as well.

After age at 50 my face has same age spots. Thanks to Rejoice Wellness Clinic for helping me to lighten it. I signed up a 10 sessions of face acupuncture follow by 5 sessions of moxibustion. Surprised to see at least 50% of the “brown” age spots being lightened. Now I can more confidently walk under the sun.   

Customer: Kim, Tae Hyung Kevin

Date: 17/04/2015


I am a Korean patient who has underwent 4 times of treatment with physicians at Rejoice wellness Clinic.

After telling my Korean colleague about my shoulder, which was still sore after having done several massage and treatments at other clinics, he introduced me to Rejoice Wellness Clinic. In the beginning, my neck and shoulder muscles were still sore & painful after 1-2 times of treatment.

However, my condition slowly improved after following their instructions and taking their prescribed medicine.

Hence, currently, it is no longer irritating me daily, unlike before...

I know my shoulder will not be cured quickly but I trust their acupuncture and medicine.

I recommend Rejoice Wellness clinic to other Koreans having similar problems.

Please do not be afraid of Singapore's oriental clinics, they are just like the ones in Korea.

Please try!

Customer: Raymond Chui

Date: 19/03/2015


Several years ago, due to a pain condition, I went to Rejoice Wellness.

Seeking treatment only when there's pains", was my previous mindset towards health.

This thinking has changed since changed. Now, I know how to prevent illness and to eradicate illness at the start.

I believe that wellness is the best way of caring of oneself. We can then enjoy healthy lives, better relationships and able to participate in much more activities.

Currently, I am under two wellness programs with Rejoice Wellness, namely the Tui Na and Digestive system wellness treatments.

Customer: Roland

Date: 28/01/2015


I am writing to thank Rejoice Wellness Clinic and physicians for looking after my son's well-being for the last three years.

I am comforted that my son is in good hands. Their physicians patience has helped to convince him to accept TCM treatments including acupuncture, something which most children would want to avoid. I have seen him grown healthier, due largely to your care and concern.

Thank you once again for everything.

Customer: Shui Lan

Date: 29/12/2014


My brother and sister-in-law would like me to thank Rejoice Wellness Clinic's physicians. They are married for 5 years and my sister-in-law has never been pregnant. Various tests were done in China but were all normal. In 2012, they decided to seek treatment in Singapore and I brought them to visit a gynecologist. More tests were conducted and done IUI fertilization, but it failed too. After that, they went to see Rejoice Wellness's physicians and they patiently gave them lots of suggestions and prescribed medication for both of them to adjust their body conditions. She also prescribed a prescription for them to bring back to China to continue TCM medication. Two months later, my sister-in-law was surprising pregnant. This is great news to our family. She gave birth to a healthy fat baby boy and is currently 15 months old. We sincerely thank Rejoice Wellness.

Customer: Linda

Date: 12/12/2014


A friend recommended Rejoice Wellness to me after there were no improvement to my knee condition, despite having undergone several months of treatment.

My knee was really in pain when I went to see physicians at Rejoice Wellness in 2011 and I had difficulty in walking and climbing up stairs. After two sessions of treatment using acupuncture and medicine, the pain on my knee has subsided. I continued weekly treatment for about two months and under professional treatment, the mobility of my knee has improved tremendously. I am able to climb stairs and squat now. This has indeed helped to improve my daily life.

I believe that continuing consultations will help in improving my overall holistic health.

Customer: Justin and Jade

Date: 12/12/2014


We have been visiting Rejoice Wellness since 2011 and have reduced our weight by 7kg within 3 months. We have benefitted from their TCM treatments.

Rejoice Wellness is definitely our choice as they also have good customer service.

Customer: Hui Ying

Date: 17/11/2014


After giving birth to a child 6 years ago, I wish to have a second child. As my body is easily fatigued and weak, I sought treatment at Rejoice Wellness Clinic with my friend's recommendation.

The physician listened to me carefully and gave clear treatment strategy and procedures. I only needed to turn up for appointments and take medication regularly. Subsequently, my menstrual cycle was normal, my fatigue disappeared and other illnesses diagnosed by western medicine practitioners were found healed during my checkups. I am most happy that my son now has a brother for companionship. These few months of treatment allowed me to see the effectiveness of TCM and has given me the confidence of recommending my friends and family to receiving traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Thank you Rejoice Wellness, I am very happy.

Customer: Mrs Ting

Date: 31/10/2014


My younger daughter who is currently 6 years old used to be very prone to flu symptoms like running nose and cough. Her first bout of flu started when she was only about 2 weeks old and she was prescribed antibiotics by the pediatrician.

I wasn't comfortable with the idea of mere symptomatic approach of medicine and antibiotics for my child but went in that direction for at least 2 more years.

In year 2011, Rejoice Wellness opened in the vicinity of where I used to stay and it crossed my mind to introduce her to the TCM approach for treatment. The holistic, natural and dealing-with-the-root approach resonated with me. Though the initial recovery time took a little longer compared to cough syrup and antibiotics, the frequency of her succumbing to flu reduced as well. Knowing that the TCM medication prescribed is natural and herb based is something that is important too.

I have also noticed that my daughter doesn't fall sick as often now and even when she does, the recovery period is shorter, usually within 2-3 days, even without medication at times.

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