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Senior citizens: The elderly have insufficient energy in their organs, which causes them to have insufficient essence in their kidneys. They also have insufficient Yin and Yang,blood and energy (Qi), which results in many weak consitutions or with repletion. They should replenish their bodies, supplement their organs and regulate the spleen and the kidneys, have positive thoughts and maintain tranquility in their lives. 

Women: The liver is the priority of women. The liver contains blood which is important for catharsis and regulating women’s menstrual cycles, pregnancy and partum. Interior health will present itself on the exterior, so regulating the energy and blood in the liver will result in exterior beauty and good complexion.

Children: The Yin and Yang energy in children are not fully developed yet, so their organs are still tender with insufficient energy. This means that they can easily suffer from illnesses, and such illnesses can spread throughout the body speedily. However, they are full of vitality and have clean energy in their organs. Maintaining the spleen, the stomach and increasing immunity are a priority.  

Men: The kidneys are the priority to men because the kidneys hold their innate essence, in charge of the bone and bone marrow, which are essential to life. In order to increase vitality and slow down the ageing process, it is important to replenish the essence and energy in the kidneys .  

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